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Music Quiz: Albums with Title Tracks Removed

A few contestants scored full marks last week, in the 1972 #1 hits quiz. EclecticMusicLover scored the fastest time.

This week’s quiz is album-oriented rather than song-oriented. You need to guess the album name based on a tracklist with the title track removed.

I scored 23/24 – I knew the artist for the other but was unable to guess the album. Can you score a perfect 24?

In other news, I like how Lizzo is using a prog classic in her shows. Do you know this tune?

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Graham Fyfe is probably the only music blogger to appreciate Neil Diamond and Ariana Grande. Aphoristic Album Reviews features reviews and blog posts across a growing spectrum of popular music.


  1. 16/24. I recognized songs from just about every album but I didn’t always know the name of the album. And I confused the two albums with a color in them.

  2. SCORE
    21/24 It was easy with the first 3/4 and then the guessing started.

    I couldn’t tell what song it was.

  3. My score of 23/24 should come with an asterisk. I knew 20 of these but with the other three I only knew the artist so I looked up those artists’ discographies. I’ve never been a RHCP fan and those song titles didn’t look familiar, so I was never going to get a perfect score. I’ll let you decide if my score is really 20/24, which I would still be pleased with. As for the Lizzo performance, I’m a lifelong progressive rock fan but that tune isn’t ringing any bells for me.

    • I reckon probably 20 – I think Googling for spelling is fine, but beyond that it’s probably a little sketchy. I recognised the band for the one I missed, but resisted the temptation to Google their album names.

      I don’t really like RHCP either, but that album was big at the time.

      The instrumental music at the start of the clip?

  4. I don’t recognize Lizzo the artist or the song she’s doing, but I admire the larger ladies getting up on the stage and doing their thing. They are role models across the world. Not everyone needs to — nor should — look like a supermodel.

  5. I only got 19/24. I couldn’t remember the name of some of them. Even ones I knew like The Strokes and Chili Peppers I couldn’t remember until it was way too late

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