Music Quiz: Musicians Golfing

Congratulations to Rich Kamerman, who dominated last week’s Bands that Became Other Bands quiz – he scored 25, 16% ahead of four contestants tied on 21/25.

This week’s challenge is a little more straightforward, I believe. You need to identify 12 musicians playing golf. I scored 12/12 with 0:32 remaining – you should be able to beat my time, because my father-in-law was being distracting.

Apologies that I’ve been a little haphazard responding to other blogs of late – I’ve been on vacation (and sometimes sick as well). Here’s a shot from an overnight hike to Mt Somers.

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  1. Wow, that’s a great photo, Graham. Hope you’ve enjoyed your vacation. When I first saw this week’s quiz I thought I would have to identify all 12 golfers when I only recognized 7-8 of them, but once I realized I just had to match the photos to the provided names it was very easy. 12/12 with 2:25 left on the clock.

    • I was reading recently that it was The Beatles who were the working class kids and The Stones were comfortably middle class, even though their public personas were reversed. But it certainly wouldn’t fit his image – but would have been OK for Watts, I reckon.

      • Golf is a fun game but here in the states it is historically a symbol of conservatism. No surprise that right-wingers like Meat Loaf and Alice Cooper play(ed) golf. Rock musicians playing golf are like Christian evangelicals shooting smack (in my view).

  2. 12/12 with 1:46 left on the clock. I never heard of that Nial guy and I wouldn’t have recognized Ed Sheeran or Selena Gomez, but fortunately they came at the very end so it wasn’t too hard to figure out.

    • The guy you haven’t heard of is from One Direction. Selena Gomez is pretty easy since there are only a couple of females in the quiz. Good effort!

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