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Music Quiz: Complete the Lyrics (Classic Rock)

Congratulations to Rich Kamerman, who just pipped Eclectic Music Lover for the fastest time in last week’s Cat Stevens titles quiz. Here’s a live version of my favourite song from the quiz, ‘Sad Lisa’, if you don’t know it already:

This week you need to complete the classic rock lyric. I scored 14/15, missing the Bowie song. I like Bowie but I don’t own ‘Young Americans’ so I don’t know that song as well as most of his other big hits.


Can you achieve a perfect score?

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  1. SCORE
    02:45 I guessed at the Bowie one and got it. You can hardly hear what he sings in that song anyway.

    • Way to go, Max! Remember the days when we had LPs and lyric sheets, we’d study each line? I had Young Americans in LP 🙂 Favorite song from that album: “Win”

      • Thanks Lisa! I knew all of them BUT the Bowie one…it sounded right so I picked it. If it wouldn’t have been a mulitple choice…I would have never got that one.

        • You’re welcome. I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten some of the others without multiple choice. Were you singing the lines so you could remember like I did? lol. Some of these songs it’s been awhile.

          • I had to…along with the Beatles song. It’s like saying the alphabet to get to the right letter.

      • My sister used to quiz me on lyrics and said I couldn’t buy any more CDs until I memorised the lyrics from the CDs I already owned.

      • Yep. I think Win is the best one on that album too besides Across the Universe, believe it or not. Which is really weird because I never really liked it on Let It Be or the way John Lennon sang it. But the one on Young Americans is fantastic. Bowie at his best. I also like Fame, but that’s about it. Hate the title song.

        • King, I pretty much like all of the songs on that one. Across the Universe is definitely in 2nd place or maybe tied with 1st. Bowie himself did not like this album. I sing Young Americans like I sing The Doobie Brothers’ Blackwater, almost like a mantra.

          • I don’t know how but I forgot about Somebody Up There Likes Me, which is another great one. My favorite Doobie Brothers song to sing is China Grove, although I love Blackwater too.

  2. I did this the other day but I can’t post on your site again. I got 15/15 with 3:17 time left. Did anybody beat me? I thought I did really good and no one would beat me. Lol

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