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Music Quiz: 1970s Bands by Member

Congratulations to KingClover, who scored the only 10/10 in last week’s quiz. A lot of contestants, including myself, didn’t recognise Motown’s Mary Wells.

This week there’s a list of members from 30 well-known 1970s bands that you need to identify.

I scored 28/30. Can you beat my score?

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        • Yup, don’t really know that one and it’s one I missed. Had to rack my brains for another English glam band too, even though you featured them recently.

          • And Fox on the Run Is one of the greatest records of all time. Do you know anybody who doesn’t love it? Also Little Willy is great too. Weren’t Sweet some of those records produced by Mike Chapman and that other guy? They produced a lot of that glammy stuff like Suzi Quattro and stuff like that. And later of course he did Blondie’s albums. I think he’s really cool.

      • I must have put a wrong word in (GFRR was the one) there the first time… Thank you, yes, Each week spurs me to want to learn more so I do better on the quizzes 😉

          • They had a shitload besides American Band. Closer to Home, I’m Your Captain, Some Kind of Wonderful, Bad Time, Walk like a Man, Locomotion.

          • Yeah Those are the kinds of songs that you only remember if somebody jogs your memory. ha ha. Except for Closer to Home, which everybody should know by heart.

          • I forgot that I do know their version of Locomotion, after you included in in that Carole King article.

  1. SCORE
    05:27 I stalled on how to spell a certain southern rock band…no matter how many posts I write on them it takes me a while to spell that name.

  2. I gave up after getting only 21/30. I know practically nothing about 70s hard rock & heavy metal bands, as I hated most of that kind of music back then. with the exception of Led Zeppelin. I was a gay boy who loved disco, pop & R&B.

  3. 29/30. I couldn’t get the one that started with Steve Priest and I couldn’t think of any more guesses so I just quit. I was just entering any old thing I could think of then I just ran out of guesses

  4. That was way too easy for someone like me who was born in ’66 and knows ’70s rock bands really well. 30/30 with 6:40 left on the clock. If my keyboard didn’t keep malfunctioning & adding letters that I didn’t type, I probably would have finished this in under a minute.

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