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Music Quiz: Singers Who Died in the 1990s

Congratulations to EclecticMusicLover, who scored the fastest perfect score in last week’s Signs quiz.

There’s just a brief quiz this week, with ten questions:


I only answered 8 of those 10 questions correctly – I didn’t recognise a couple from early in the decade.

Since that was so short, here’s a bonus quiz that requires familiarity with The Beatles’ song ‘Come Together’.


I didn’t actually do this one because my daughters took over, intrigued by “walrus gumboot” and “juju eyeball”. They did it while listening to the song and scored 7/7.

With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announcement coming up this week, I found this anonymous interview with two voters fascinating.


At this point in the hall’s history, with 351 acts already inducted, it must be difficult to find voters who have informed opinions on all of the nominees, but that’s not realistic. From this year’s nominees, there are a bunch where I just know a couple of radio hits (for example Pat Benatar and Duran Duran). Having said that, my tastes align much more with voter #2.

The results were announced after I wrote this post initially. I think, from what was nominated, the five most significant artists on the ballot were: Fela Kuti, Dolly Parton, Kate Bush, Judas Priest, and Eminem (I’m not really a fan of the latter and prefer A Tribe Called Quest, but he’s huge-selling and influential). Two of these five were inducted, and not coincidentally, they were the two American artists.

Also, my older daughter said I should feature this new Marlon Williams song because it’s new:

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  1. 9/10 for me this week, all of which I had within about 20 seconds. I knew the artist I missed was from Motown but just couldn’t remember her name. When I clicked for the other quiz it had nothing to do with The Beatles but instead was about New Zealand locations.
    As for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, they lost all credibility a long long time ago. Not because their choices aren’t “rock” enough (although there are some valid arguments along those lines) but because they turned their noses up at certain artists/subgenres that they didn’t consider cool. Happy to see Benatar get the recognition she deserves. If you only know a couple of her hits I recommend checking out her first three albums, all of which are fantastic.

  2. 9 out of 10. I recognized (afterwards) the name of the woman who died at 49, not her picture. As to ‘Come Together,’ I kept singing it in my head but I pretty much blew it. When I hear a cover version of that song I always wonder what people think of the lyrics. They make me cringe a little bit. Added trivia – Where did Lennon get the title for ‘Come Together?’

    • Yeah, I think that 1992 death is easily the most obscure. Not much idea what she looked like, even though I know her songs.

      I didn’t know that about the title. I read someone suggesting that the song’s four verses were about each of The Beatles, but haven’t seen anyone else support that.

        • Yup, I looked it up. Moody Blues had the “Timothy Leary’s dead” chorus in a song around the same time.

          • Suggestion: Perhaps in subsequent quizzes you could add an instruction for people to not blurt out answers when they respond.

  3. I got 10 out of 10 With 44 seconds left. For Mary Wells, at first I guessed Tammi Terrell and then Florence Ballard of The Supremes because I knew it was one of those Motown girls and I know they both died very young, but I wasn’t sure if it was one of them. Mary Wells was the only other one that I thought it could be.

    • Great work – I figured if anyone got Wells it would be you. Terrell died crazy young – like in the 1960s or very early 1970s.

      • Yeah there was even another one who also died in the ’60s Kim Weston, the one who sang It Takes Two with Marvin Gaye. Every time he sang a duet with somebody they died soon afterwards like her and Tammi Terrell. The only one that didn’t die so far is Diana Ross. Lmao. You know how I knew that it was a Motown singer in the picture? Because she was wearing a Motown dress, which you could recognize anywhere. Did you know that Motown had their own dress maker and their own wig maker? And I think the wig maker was somebody’s mother in one of the groups. I read it in a book.

  4. I got 9/10. I thought the young woman on the lower left was Aaliyah, then kept trying to spell her odd name every which kind of way. Tried the “Come Together” quiz, but I’m absolutely horrific at remembering lyrics. I marvel at how contestants on singing contests like American Idol and The Voice can quickly learn lyrics to a song and remember then up on stage.

    • I remember Aaliyah dying, it was a few years after that – but that sounds very frustrating. Good work getting Mary Wells.

  5. I went to that one about Come Together but it wasn’t there, and instead it had something else about New Zealand. What’s going on.

    • I had it wrong intially, so if you got an email it was incorrect. But the link in the post should be correct.

  6. Yes. And they even had their own finishing school where they had classes where some lady showed them the way they were supposed to walk and how to have good posture and stuff. Isn’t that wild?

    • It’s amazing that they could do a production line thing, and still make music that’s fresh and vital. A lot of talented people involved I guess.

      • Back in those days even some of the production line music was actually pretty good. Btw, I found out that it actually was Mary Wells that Marvin Gaye made an album with, which I never knew. Kim Weston is really still alive and really old now

  7. I got 9/10…Mary Wells I couldn’t get. The Come Together was hard. It took me a while but after singing to myself 2-3 times I got it.

    • Mary Wells was tough – I guess she got lost in the crowd of talent at Motown, and didn’t achieve much post the early 1960s. I know some of her songs but had no idea what she looked like.

      • I’m going to have to figure out how to follow you again. I just knew I did that last Wednesday. Yea I didn’t know what she looked like either.

          • I talked to support and they said since you host your own site they cannot see who is following…which I don’t get…I’ll figure it out. I’m wondering if someone new can follow your site?

          • I got a new follow a couple of days ago – I don’t pick up as many new followers as before I switched.

  8. Chipping in with a late 9/10 here. I’ll sit out working out the words to Come Together like a hare krishna in the corner of the room

  9. Would you ever put one of my quizzes? I got a whole bunch of them and they’re really good, except they’re not fancy or anything. They don’t have any pictures or anything like that. They’re just like pick the right answer or match the song and stuff like that. I think that would be cool.

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