Music Quiz: Find the Band Member V

Last week, in Find the Band Member VI, Rich Kamerman had the best score of 23/24 when I scheduled this post – apologies if you recorded your score later, as I’m on vacation.

This week, it’s more of the same. You need to click the band member when given a band name. As with last week, there’s a wide range of bands featured.

As with last week, I scored 21/24. Can you beat me?

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    • Perfect score! Damon Albarn mildly concussed after enthusiastic music blogger trips over him in subway.

      • I wanted to comment on your Monkees post but I’m literally unable to. On Chrome the video starts playing and I can’t find the comments section. On Edge and Firefox, I click where it says ‘1 comment’ and it brings me down to the video. It’s like the video is obliterating or overwriting the comments section. At least for me and that’s three browsers.

  1. Wow, it’s hard to believe there were no perfect scores last week, but I’ll take my win even if it ends up being temporary. I did even better this week, with 24/24 and 3:11 left on the clock. I actually recognized everyone so no guessing needed. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation.

    • I thought this week was a bit easier but I got a bit tangled around the Motley Crüe/Alice in Chains/J Geols band stuff,

  2. Have a lovely rest of your vacation! I did not bad; I got 16/24 with 2:13 left. I appreciate the Country Bear Jamboree option too; that was an easy one for me.

      • I’m not even sure how many people know what the Country Bear Jamboree is. You have to either a) Be a Disney fan, b) Gone to Disney World a lot, and c) Gone to Disney World and checked out the Country Bear Jamboree at least a few times. I know there are people out there that find that attraction creepy, despite how popular it is.

  3. 22 of 24 with 2:34 left. That was fun – I messed up the Four Seasons one as I was thinking Four Tops which was another choice.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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