Music Quiz: Never Had a #1 Single

Congratulations to Aaron, who just edged Tony and Rich for the fastest time last week.

This week you need to select the artists that never had a #1 Billboard single. It’s not sudden death – if you get one wrong, you can keep going.

It’s pretty tough – I was surprised by some of the results. I scored 20/29 – I may have done better by just randomly clicking….

Can you beat my score?


  1. Nope, couldn’t beat you. 18/29 I leaned towards the underground FM rock bands as they never really aspired to that. But after that, much inaccurate guessing. I look forward to your doing a One Direction post

  2. That was tougher than I thought it would be… 19/29… a few guesses went the opposite of what I thought.

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