Music Quiz: The Last Word Albums II

Congratulations to Eclectic Music Lover and Tony, who were the only 100% scores in last week’s Last Word Albums quiz.

Not surprisingly, this week we’re looking at Last Word Albusm II.

I scored 32/36 – I missed albums by Green Day (twice), The Foo Fighters, and Foreigner. It’s a tricky quiz because it often doesn’t opt for the most famous albums in an artist’s discography. 49% was the median score, so if you make it into the 20s you’re doing well.

I was sorry to hear this week that Delays frontman Greg Gilbert is in palliative care. Faded Seaside Glamour from 2004 is a great record, combining psychedelia, Britpop, and indie into a characterful blend. Gilbert’s raspy falsetto is a key part of the band’s appeal.

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  1. 28/36. I got zero of the Foo Fighters. I had time left and tried every word in the alphabet on the ones I didn’t get. But it was hopeless as I just didn’t know enough of them.

  2. 34/36 – I couldn’t tell you the name of a single Aretha Franklin album and only got one right thanks to guessing something else.
    That really is sad news – Long Time Coming is a cracking song and they’d got quite a few just like it

    • Did you listen to that Delays song in the post – it has enough jangle and harmony that you’d probably like it.

      • I just did…love it. Thanks Graham…I like their sound. The first song I picked was Long Time Coming and it sounds great…I’m off until Monday so I’m going back to them.

        You mentioned another band a month back…was it The Pinkees? I’ve started to listen to them a lot also. I had it bookmarked and I could figure out when or who pointed me toward them.

  3. It’s weird that this is the first time I ever got them all right cuz I don’t even listen to all those people. And the one that I had to guess at was Foo Fighters Skin and……. But what the hell else would you guess besides Bones?? Lol

      • Yeah sometimes you can’t even come up with a guess. I didn’t even check to see how much time I had left. I should have looked.

      • The only other one that I thought I was gonna miss was Foreigner Agent Provocateur because provocateur is one of those words that you never know exactly how to spell. And I had to spend a lot of time trying to spell it right and I just tried everything, then suddenly I spelled it right

    • Yup, those were three where they pretty much picked the most canonical albums. Some of their other choices were pretty niche….

  4. 33/36 – the last Eagles album and 2 of the Foreigners were the ones I didn’t get (I don’t know any Foreigners albums, I only guessed one because I was guessing another album).

    • Foreigner are pretty obscure nowadays I reckon, apart from one big hit. And their most famous album “4” doesn’t work for the quiz format.

  5. 25 this week. Loads of gaps – Foos, Eagles, Aretha, Green Day, Foreigner, ELO…

    That’s really sad news about Greg Gilbert.

    • Good work though – those Foo records were tough, and Foreigner aren’t remembered much beyond their one huge hit.

  6. 24 of 36. like others most of the groups I had a gap or two – got all of GNR, Eminem, Hendrix. A number I just guessed at what word made sense and got lucky

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