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Music Quiz: The Last Word, Albums

Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti, who won last week’s 2010s’ Badly Drawn Songs challenge.

This week you need to complete the titles of famous albums – although famous is debatable for some of these titles IMO.

I scored 35/36, and I expect that Canadian participants will pick up the one I missed.

My fifth cousin is kayaking for her sixth Olympic medal (a New Zealand record) later today. She’s already won two golds this Olympics and is also racing for a third today and a fourth on Saturday. Here she is bossing the 200-metre kayak sprint.

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  1. A pathetic 30/36. I couldn’t name one Abba album, missed two Bon Jovi and one Bryan Adams. Of those three, I like Abba but only know their singles.

    Way to go, cousin. What’s her name?

    • I’m not huge on Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams either. 30 is a decent score I think – there’s a weird spread of album, not just the big canonical ones.

      My fifth cousin is named Lisa Carrington. Fifth cousin is pretty distant, so I’ve never actually met her.

        • I only know because of my parents’ interest in genealogy. Our common ancestor had the fabulous name Friend Lamb Robson, and passed away in 1898.

          • Well, if it were a real band, probably some sort of bluesy, jazzy mix. Heh! I laugh at the idea that I could get any of my peers into a band. Too busy complaining about their ailments and being grandparents. Still, like Jethro Tull, that’s a great name. Maybe you should start a band.

            BTW, I happened to catch shot put and an NZ guy got bronze. A other distant relative from your small planet over there?

          • I watched that shotput too – that American guy who won it is a tank. They’re all tanks, but especially him. I don’t think I’m related, but he’s from Timaru, near where my dad grew up.

  2. 28/36 and ran out of time. I also knew none of abba albums. You must have athletic genes in your pedigree. Already has 2 medals?? Wow impressive.

    • I’m not very athletic – I was an OK runner when I was younger and skinnier, but any sport that involved pure coordination, like darts, was beyond me.

  3. Yes Canadians can answer the question But why are you obsessed with Bryan Adams? He’s like the 200 th Most relevant Canadian music artist artist ever (according to not billboard but people who actually listen to music).

    It’s the same as if everyone who considered Australian music thought of men at work – and not Tame Impala or Atlas Genius and Middle Kids and Silverchair, Powdwerfinger. Etc.

    • I didn’t make the quiz – just commented on the one I missed! My radio listening years kind of coincided with his decline though, so I do find him tough to get behind.

  4. 24 before ran out of time – don’t k ow the Abba ones plus a number of others. That’s awesome about your cousin!!

  5. 34/36 I missed the same artist as you and a Phil Collins one…I missed an easy Phil Collins one.

  6. 30/36 – don’t know any Bryan Adams, the Bon Jovi album starting with Keep and 2 of Eric Clapton’s albums.

    My country, Australia, are doing extremely well in the Olympics, 4th with 17 gold medals at the time of writing. Impressive considering our population compared to the rest of the top 5.

    • A few non-canon artists in there, which is pretty fun. New Zealand and Australia are both having great Olympics. We were 8th for a while yesterday, but are down to 11th. I read that if you take away swimming, Australia and NZ are tied on 19 medals. Of course, if you take away rowing and kayaking, New Zealand’s tally looks pretty bad.

  7. 27/36. I know no Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, or ABBA.

    My own Olympic claim to fame is that I was childhood friends with USA gold medalist Charlie White, the ice dancer. He used to tell us he was going to hockey practice after school, but we knew the truth. I haven’t talked to him in 23 years. To me, he’ll always be the kid that made us laugh during lunch by sitting on his mashed potatoes.

    • That’s funny! My sister’s year at middle school had actress Anna Paquin (who appeared in the piano while she was at school), double Olympic 1500m medalist Nick Willis, and a woman who became a member of parliament before the age of 30.

  8. 36/36 with 1:49 on the clock, a lucky guess on Abba’s Ring…

    My son’s gotten pretty interested (as much as anyone can be at that age) in the olympics, by the time we get started in the morning most of the day’s events are done so it’s pretty weird watching it all after the fact but I think 4th for both golds and overall medals isn’t too shabby considering population compared to the rest of the board. It’s nice to be doing well in a sporting event where the fans aren’t a national embarrassment

    • Good work! Japan is pretty good timing for NZ – most events are on in the afternoon or evening, just a few past bedtime. My older daughter generally enjoys the tension of sports now.

  9. 33/36 – stuck on a title from ABBA, Adams, and The Clash. Who knew those Phil Collins albums would stick in my head without having ever heard them!

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