Music Quiz: Artist to Badly Drawn Songs 2010s

Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti, who scored a perfect 20/20 in last week’s quiz. There were lots of strong 18s and 19s too.

I apologise in advance if this week’s quiz is a little tricky for some regular quiz participants – it covers the 2010s:

I scored 13/20 – I made it to 10, then engaged in a string of guesses which were mostly unsuccessful. I was lucky that I had an argument with my 6 year old daughter yesterday about the lyrics of ‘Dynamite’. I wouldn’t have known who sang it otherwise (and I was wrong about the lyrics – I always thought they said “Galileo”….).

Can you beat my score?

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  1. Wow, that was an exercise in futility. Although I finished with 4/20 I really only knew one (thank you, Pharrel Williams) and then just randomly clicked. I listened to plenty of new music throughout the 2010s but none of it came close to the pop charts.

  2. 12/20 and I have no issue with that. Having googled I’m not sure I’d want to know a Post Malone song and it was pure luck that what turned out to be the One Republic song was playing on the office sound system as I played

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