Music Quiz: Follow That Lyric Song Titles

Congratulations to Music Enthusiast Jim, who took home the fastest perfect score in last week’s Follow That Lyric 1960s challenge. Max from PowerPopBlog guessed the bonus question first – the answer was Van Morrison.

This week it’s another Follow That Lyric challenge, but with no set decade – it ranges from 1960s chestnuts to 1990s rockers.

I scored perfect marks with 2:43 remaining – can you beat my time.

I’ve also been participating in SliceTheLife’s song draft. I’ll make a summary post when it’s all over, but if you’d like to read my opinions of Fela Kuti, read on:


  1. That was a fun one. I was once again slowed down a bit by my tracking pad but still got 25/25 with 3:11 remaining. Nice write-up on that Fela Kuti track. It’s been among my favorites in his catalog since I started listening to him about 20 years ago.

  2. 25/25 with 3:01 remaining. My wife and I saw a play in Boston about Fela several years ago. I forget how that came about. Don’t really follow him that closely.

  3. SCORE
    02:43 There were 3 that didn’t seem to fit with the others but the guesses worked.

    • Should really have chosen a 1990s one for generational fairness. I started doing the 1990s one but I devolved into guessing more quickly than I wanted to.

  4. I wasn’t able to take your quiz. Why? Because I knew I’d fail. And failure is not something a Sith Lord countenances …. *crushing my fist and making rock crumble* Besides, I’ve been hard at work on my blog making up entries on politics and war …

    — Catxman

  5. 22 of 25 with 18 seconds left – the last three I guessed wrong – should have known the Adele one. But I’m really enjoying these complete the next lyrics ones!

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