Music Quiz: Follow That Lyric 1960s

Congratulations to Rich Kamerman, on the moon this week with a high score of 17/20 in the Today I Learned quiz.

This week you need to follow the lyrics in iconic 1960s songs. It should be pretty easy for most regular contestants – I’m anticipating a speed race.

I scored 25/25 with 4:22 remaining

Bonus question – who said this about their song in the quiz?

“it’s not one of my best. I mean I’ve got about 300 songs that I think are better”.

Who said this?


  1. I have no idea how I had the best score last week. It must be because some of the regulars didn’t participate. FYI, I’m still not seeing your posts in my feed. For this week I got 25/25 but my tracking pad (no mouse here) speed was too slow so I had 3:38 left on the clock.

    • Yup, correct about the bonus question. Did you notice that another blogger has copied your blog post about Guadacanal Diary?

      • I just did…they have done it one other time…thanks. A reference or re-blog would be nice.

        • I just searched this up – what’s weird is that they lifted certain sentences from your second post about Gc to use in a post about Watsui Rodeo. Makes you wonder if the sentences that aren’t yours were lifted from other blogs. Sounds pretty lazy. Like everyone’s content is a giant Wikipedia entry to use without attribution. Like you said, would be nice to have an acknowledgement at least.

  2. 25/25 w/ a minute left – damn some of them were difficult. I’ve seen the above answers that the quote is from Van Morrison but could easily be mistaken for a Lennon song.

    • Good effort – you’re a big younger than most of the other contestants. Morrison and Lennon are both pretty ornery.

  3. Guess I don’t know my 60s lyrics as well as I thought – stinking it up with 15 of 25. Sporocle says I’ve died of dysentery, so that’s pleasant…..

  4. It’s 23/25 for me this week. 1:08 remaining… a lot of guess work based on rhymes after about a dozen or so.

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