Music Quiz: Today I Learned

Congratulations to Eclectic Music Lover, whose love of eclectic music helped him to score 24/24 in last week’s overlap quiz.

This week you need to identify which musical “facts” are true and which are imagined. They forgot to include the time when the London Olympics invited Keith Moon, dead for 34 years, to play the closing ceremony.

I scored 19/20 – I missed the one about Taylor Swift. This quiz also marks the second time that Dennis Wilson has been featured on this blog this week. Can you achieve the perfect score?


    • You’re in the lead at this point, although I think someone will probably overhaul 17. Mullet, Pesci, Swift is a random assortment of words.

    • “Turns out that Taylor Swift fans really will listen to anything she releases. Due to a glitch in the Canadian version of iTunes, a Taylor Swift song titled “Track 3” was released on Tuesday and immediately shot to the top of the charts. But fans who downloaded the song were bummed to realize that they had purchased eight seconds of static noise for $1.29.”

  1. 16 of 20 – That was alot of fun and now I need to look up the Hendrx Pesci band. I also can’t believe that mullet one – I would have thought that the word is much older

  2. 15/20 – the ones I got incorrect was Joe Pesci, Eminem, CBGB, Mullet and Smash Mouth.

    Another astonishing musical fact that I know of that could fit in this quiz is the diet of David Bowie during the mid 70s consisting of red peppers, milk and cocaine.

    • Bowie also flirted with fascism at this point, but still managed to make my favourite Bowie album Station to Station.

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