Music Quiz: Song Title Overlaps

Welcome back to weekly music quiz. Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti, who just pipped Jim for the fastest time in last week’s quiz.

This week you need to name the missing words in song title pairs.

I scored 22/24. The One Direction song was driving me crazy because I know their Sesame Street version but not the original. The kids loved Janelle Monae‘s Sesame Street song, and Youtube liked to play One Direction afterward. Can you beat my score?


    • Good score anyway. Thanks for letting me know about Reader – I seem to get some hits from it, but I don’t see my own posts in it so I don’t know what’s happening. I’ve tidied up most of the other jobs on the site that I needed to do, so I can get onto support about that. Thanks for dropping in anyway.

    • Good score following on from last week’s win.

      I need to work on the front page (it’s pretty weird on mobile especially atm), and I keep clearing the cache. What’s weird for you?

    • I noticed that too, I assume that’s the caching plugin doing that. I’ve mostly been focusing on having a fast site, then there are some other things to tidy up.

  1. 19/24 and the ones I didn’t get I never would. Re: the new site I have to say I really like the look of it. Like others though I don’t think your posts are showing up in the Reader. However, you have trained me well to know that on Wednesday its quiz day and i look up your site (even if it takes til Friday. :)) and then many times stay a while checking out the other posts.

    • Thanks for checking in. I keep meaning to ask support about the reader, but there keep being other things to sort out.

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