Music Quiz: Artist by Badly Drawn Song 1990s

Congratulations to Tony, who top-scored with 15/16 in last week’s badly drawn sexy album covers quiz.

This week we’re up to the 1990s – can you match the title to the badly drawn image?

I scored 19/20 – I chose the wrong option for the Michael Jackson hit.

Can you beat me and score the perfect 20?

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  1. Holy crap, the ’90s isn’t “my” decade, at least when it comes to mainstream music, but somehow I managed to score 20/20 with 4:11 remaining. If this series continues into the millennium I can guarantee this will be my only perfect score.

  2. 18/20 with 4:07 left. Guessed on Haddaway & Aqua, neither of whom I’d ever heard of, and the picture for the Nirvana song was no clue for me. The 90s are my least-favorite decade for music by a very long mile.

    • I can’t imagine knowing about that Mullins song if you didn’t grow up in the 1990s or before – it was huge but I haven’t heard it for years.

  3. 13 of 20 – as with others, didn’t know several of these artists – Aqua, Shawn Mullins; my favorite drawing was the Nirvana one – that cracked me up.

    • Aqua’s Barbie Girl is pretty polarising – I dislike it but at the same time it’s only a few steps away from brilliant.

    • Cool! Just means I need to do things like backups and security, and work out how to make sure my posts make the reader feed.

  4. I might be late to this one, but I’m glad I didn’t miss the last of the badly drawn series. 20:20 with 4:29 left. That was a good one.

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