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Music Quiz: Artist by Badly Drawn Song 1960s and 1970s

Congratulations to EclecticMusicLover and 2Loud2OldMusic, who both scored 19/20 in last week’s Tracks on the Back Solo quiz. I was expecting contestants to struggle with the more recent offerings, but Jeff and John both missed Tori Amos’ 1994 album Under The Pink.

adventurepdx did brilliant in the bonus quiz, writing in a couple of minutes after the post was published. He correctly identified the event (No Nukes 1979), and most of the participants. The tricky ones are on the right hand side – Jesse Colin Young (from The Youngbloods) is the moustachioed chap with the frizzy hair, musician and politician John Hall is wearing the No Nukes shirt, while Phoebe Snow is resplendent in purple. James Taylor, in the front middle, is a bit tricky to recognise in this photo too – compounded by the fact that Bonnie Raitt, rather than Carly Simon, is sitting on his knee.

This week you need to identify the 1960s and 1970s songs by badly drawn images. Some of the images are great – I love the macabre ones, and the Jimmy Buffett one is amazing. It’s a good idea to look over the images and try to work a few out before you launch the quiz.


I scored 20/20 with 4:59 remaining. Can you beat my time?

My Tuesday post this week was an update of an REM Worst to Best Albums List – because it was an update, not a new post, you probably weren’t notified.

In other news, have you caught up with Van Morrison’s Latest Record Project Volume 1? This is a catchy little number…..


  1. Fun quiz but I stumbled at one point, so even though I quickly recovered I “only” got 19/20.
    Haven’t played the new Van Morrison yet. I started my blog 10 years ago by revisiting his entire catalog over the course of 10 posts. Even though he was still making good music on the later albums I found that he repeated himself a lot and I haven’t been drawn to anything he’s released since then. They’ve all been one listen & then file ’em away. I’ll give the new one a chance at some point.

  2. I screwed up, and got only 18/20. Mistook the picture with a bottle of tequila for ‘Margaritaville’, and thought the Santa next to the Xmas tree was ‘Wonderful Christmastime’, both of which were wrong. Sigh…

  3. It took me a couple of times of skipping to the next and then they rolled

    I love Van’s promo…that is great.

  4. 15/20 – missed out the images of the alcoholic bottle against the sunrise, the devil, the dock, the colourful coat and the cheeseburger.

    The thing about Van Morrison is that I don’t really have any respect for him after his views on the pandemic:

    After hearing ‘Born to Be Free’ and ‘No More Lockdown’, why bother, you know?

    • I never heard those, but there are plenty of bone-headed views on the new album. Otis Redding’s Dock of the Bay is a mellow classic that you should check out if you haven’t heard it.

  5. 20/20 with 4:48 remaining; the hint to check them out ahead of time helped. knew most of them right off the bat and the ones I didn’t was process of elimination; never knew who sang Lion Sleeps Tonight

  6. Heard VM “Love Should Come with a Warning” on a new music playlist and thought it sounded pretty good. Don’t really dig “Why you on Facebook” – sounds like a commercial jingle for FB (I realize that’s not the intent of the lyrics).

  7. 15/20 and I just started guessing at the end (it’s late) and every one I got wrong I went GAH! I knew that! Felt like it needed a do-over. Some really fun ones.

  8. I’ve been having troubles with my WordPress app for my iPad that makes reading posts hard and doing these quizzes on Sporkle near impossible. I hope they come up with an update soon…

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