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Music Quiz: Tracks on the Back Solo

Congratulations to Kamer Chameleo-Man who scored the fastest perfect score last week.

This week you need to identify solo artists from the tracks on the back of one of their albums.

There’s a fair chunk of modern pop in there, so it might prove challenging for some listeners. I scored 20/20 with 3:27 remaining – I spent a while entering random names to finish the last one.

As a bonus question, how many of these people can you name and what was the special occasion?

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  1. Let’s see about the photo: CS&N, Carly Simon, Michael McDonald, Ye Old Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, and three others. Judging by the shirt and lineup, was this taken at the “No Nukes” concert in 1979 (or was it ’80?)

  2. My perfect score streak ends this week, as I only got 17/20. I know the three artists I missed but obviously not well enough. As for the photo, in addition to the artists mentioned by adventurepdx, I think I also see John Hall and possibly Janis Ian…or Phoebe Snow(?).

    • You’re still leading at this point, but there’s only been one other entry. It’s Snow – I had no idea what she looked like, but I’ve seen the caption.

  3. Suckragette City. 14/20. As to that picture, somebody already beat me to the event. (T-shirt was a dead giveaway). Crosby, Stills, Carly Simon, Michael McDonald, Bonnie Raitt, Phoebe Snow, Jackson Browne, Graham Nash. I don’t recognize the mustachioed guys or the T-shirt guy. And where is Bruce?

  4. I got 19/20 and gave up with 2:56 left. I would never have guessed the Tori Amos album had I spent another hour! I’ve never followed her or her music, so know next to nothing about her.

  5. 17 of 20 and ran out of time. Did better than I expected. That was a fun one! And I agree with Jim – where’s Bruce in the photo? Didn’t Petty play it too? I remember the movie where he was cracking wise in response to the audience “Bruuucing” says something to the effect “Good thing his name wasn’t Fred” 🙂

      • At Springsteen concerts the audience will all shout “Bruce” but drawing it out so that if you didn’t know better you would think he was being booed. So I think Petty was saying it would sound pretty funny if the crowd was all yelling Fred. Ok maybe it was just me thinking it was funny at the time. 😀

  6. 18/20 – I’m out of practice. Oddly the 2 I missed were the ‘easiest’ (Frank and Lionel) – I was second guessing myself thinking that was too obvious and maybe someone had similar track names

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