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Music Quiz: Presidents in Song Titles

Congratulations to Angie and J. who both scored 75/78 in last week’s music grid quiz. It looks like almost no-one knew Ray J, perhaps most famous for a (non-music) video that he made with Kim Kardashian that helped to launch the Kardashian media empire.

This week you need to link a song to an artist – with the complication that a word from a song has been substituted by a similar sounding name of a U.S. president. You are presented with titles like Neil Young’s ‘Ride My Obama’, Sting’s ‘Garfields of Gold’, and The Who’s ‘Hoover Are You?’ (I wanted to make up some of my own). It should be relatively straightforward for a bunch of seasoned music nerds, but I featured it because it’s funny.

I scored 20/20 with 2:50 remaining – I played on my phone so probably could have been a little faster.

My Tuesday blog post is a reworked Steely Dan best albums ranking – Because it’s a reworking, it didn’t send an email or pop into the WordPress reader feed when I updated it, but it’s there if you want to read it.

I also just caught up with the passing of Malcolm Cecil a few days ago – he was a producer and synth programmer who was heavily involved in classic Stevie Wonder records like Innervisions.


  1. 19 of 20 with 2:10 left – had to guess on a few. Not familiar with the ABBA song from the title (even though Spotify says its has close to 225 millions listens….)

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