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Music Quiz: Double Grammy Wins

Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti, who recorded the fastest time in last week’s Who quiz.

I didn’t watch the Grammy ceremony this week, although I read the winners with sceptical interest. This week’s quiz invites you to identify the 20 artists who have won album of the year and record of the year at the same ceremony.

I scored 19/20 – I missed the 2007 winners. Can you score the perfect 20?

26 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Double Grammy Wins Leave a comment

  1. 17/20 w/ 4:16 left, had no idea about the Gilberto one, Supernatural and Raising Sand.

    About the recent Grammys, it was really either ‘Folklore’ or ‘Future Nostalgia’ to win ‘Album of the Year’, either would be fine for me. I don’t think Billie Eilish really wanted to win a Grammy after last year’s sweep.

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    • I would have given it to HAIM – my favourite album on the shortlist. Folklore is also very good, and the first 9 tracks on Future Nostalgia are great before it tails off at the end.


  2. 12/20. The score is unsurprising, though, because I feel like I may have watched the Grammys maybe twice in my life and neither of those times was in the last three decades.

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