Music Quiz: The Who Songs by Image

Congratulations to Aaron from Keepsmealive, who scored the fastest challenger time on last week’s quiz about 1980s Songs.

This week we focus on The Who – I don’t usually like to feature artist-specific quizzes, but I figure The Who are enjoyed by most regular contestants.

You need to fill in the missing word in the Who song title with an image.

I missed one, so I only scored 11/12. Can you score full marks with a fast time?


  1. 12/12 This one I love…if I would have messed up I would have turned in my Who Card.

  2. 12/12 w/ 2:35 – I really like the Who w/ Quadrophenia being my favourite of theirs as it is ambitious and shows the band at its peak more than in Who’s Next and more grounded than Tommy, I can forgive Townshend for the declining quality of material afterwards as he did put a massive effort into Quadrophenia.

    • I got 36 in your quiz. A bit of guessing at the end.

      I reckon that quiz is really good. I’d recommend looking at the ones that noone’s getting right and replacing them with more famous songs, even if they’re things outside your usual listening zone. I knew the least-guessed (South Carolina), but misclicked North Carolina. I wonder if the Frank Zappa song about Montana would be easier: “Movin’ to Montana soon/Gonna be a Dental Floss tycoon”

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