Music Quiz: 5 Letter Words in 1980s Songs

Congratulations to J. and Tony who tied for the fastest time in last week’s Finish That Band II quiz.

This week we’re looking at 1980s songs, following on from the 10 Worst Songs of the 1980s list earlier this week. You need to fill in the blanks in the song titles with 5 letter words.

I scored 25/25 with 1:15 remaining – can you beat my time?

What’s your favourite song on the list? I’d opt for the Public Enemy one.


  1. Perfect score. 49 seconds left. This surprised me. I didn’t think I would know these. I left 3 or 4 till the end. How is it possible to be rickrolled twice in a row? And weren’t some of those on my or your “worst of” lists?

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  2. perfect score with 49 seconds left – just wished my fingers would have moved a bit faster. 🙂 I would agree with the public enemy song but also always liked the phone number song as well

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    1. We talked about Mr. Mister on last week’s quiz post. I’m pretty ambivalent about ‘Broken Wings’ but I like their other big hit ‘Kyrie’ a lot, 1980s production and all.


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