Music Quiz: Finish That Band II

Congratulations to Geoff from, who recorded last week’s fastest time with a perfect score. Max also achieved max points.

This week you need to complete the band name with a picture.

I scored 18/20, although both of my mistakes were due to not identifying the images correctly rather than not knowing the band name. I need to brush up on my planets and animated film characters. Can you attain a perfect score?

In other news, my wife and I were watching Superstore yesterday, and there was a little snippet of Mr. Mister’s ‘Kyrie’. I’ve always liked the song, but never understood the words – I thought they were singing something like “can you hear me lazing” in the chorus. But it’s actually “Kyrie Eleison”, which is Greek for “Lord have mercy”. Did everyone else already realise this?


  1. Tied you, 18/20. I need to brush up on my planets as well. As to ‘Kyrie,’ mad coincidence. I was shopping at a big superstore over the weekend and they were playing that tune. And yes I knew what they were saying. I was raised Roman Catholic before I realized organized religion was nonsense. Now I’m a Druid I feel so much better.

  2. 18/20 with 1:22 left. No fair on the sports figure. I had no clue on that one. Forgot the other one I missed. Is Superstore the movie with Dax Shepard? I love that guy!

  3. Well, that was fun, and not just because I got 20/20 (with 2:25 left on the clock). As for Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie,” I did know that’s what they were singing about, probably because it was discussed a lot when the song was released. They were a great band and their singer is phenomenal (and a kick-ass bass player too). I believe he’s been playing with Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band in recent years.

  4. 17, although several were guesses.
    Couldn’t they have used Gary Crosby who played for Nottingham Forest in the late eighties/early nineties or Malcolm Crosby who managed Sunderland in the early eighties?
    Or more seriously – David Crosby? Someone more known worldwide.

  5. Really? I just looked it up and apparently there is a Californian rock band called Of Mice And Men. Either way, I didn’t know of them when I did the quiz, I just didn’t see what else it could be, so I went with the Steinbeck book’s title.

  6. 20/20 with 1:40 left on clock. That was a fun one. i got hung up for a few seconds on the Disney female characters, and the sports figures was a process of elimination since I’m not that into hockey.

  7. Have not heard of Superstore – will have to check it out Although didn’t you feature a clip from it a few weeks back as the aside?. Is it on one of the streaming services?

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