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Music Quiz: 4 Decades of Music Hits VIII

Last week’s 1980s lyric quiz was won by Eclectic Music Lover, who completed the quiz with 44 seconds to spare. Congratulations to everyone who registered a perfect score.

This week you need to connect the hit to the decade.


I scored 23/24 – I missed the Metallica one, which is interesting as I plan to cover Metallica on this site sometime (unlike Tom Jones and 4 Non Blondes).

Can you beat me with a perfect score?


  1. 17/24. I knew every one of those songs but alas, was often off by a decade. Jolene surprised me. The site decided to go smart ass on me and said, “Of all the scores you could have gotten, that was one of them.” No argument there.

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      1. Cool! That means you mind works that way naturally, by now. My mind, well, it’s a gibbering monkey clapping cymbals, most of the time… yet I’ll remember weirdly specific things at odd times, but not usually when I need them!

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