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Music Quiz: 7 Letter Words in 1980s Songs

Last week’s quiz produced a bunch of different responses – some people cruised through it very fast, while others took a while. Personally I had trouble recognising Gloria Estafan and Paula Abdul, so it took me a while. Congratulations to Rich from KamerTunes, who just pipped J. and 2loud2old for the fastest time.

This week we’re looking at 1980s songs. Can you fill in the missing seven-letter word?


I scored 23/25 – I had to resort to guessing at the end. As a hint, ‘Foolish Horses’ isn’t actually a song! Can you beat my score?

Also, I have a question for regular commenters. I’m looking at changing the format of some old posts – for example, I wrote a post about R.E.M.’s five best albums a few years ago: https://albumreviews.blog/2017/08/29/r-e-m-favourite-five/. I would like to expand it to include all of R.E.M.’s albums. Would anyone mind if I republish it with all of the albums included – I don’t think it makes sense to have two different R.E.M. album lists running around the site. My favourite 5 R.E.M. albums would remain unchanged, so everyone’s comments should still make sense.

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  1. Wow, I still can’t believe how quickly I went through last week’s quiz. Very proud to come out on top. This week I got 25/25 with 0:25 left on the clock. I expect a lot of faster times than mine. As for your question, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t update formatting on previous posts. Sounds like a good plan.

  2. I forgot about the clock and got 22/25 before time ran out.
    And yes, it is okay to change the post that way. All my rankings get updated with a band’s new album so no probably updating your list to be all.

  3. 18 sure things, 7 guesses – luckily it all worked out, with 3 seconds to spare!
    My only regret is not finishing it 2 seconds earlier, to line up with the ‘5 seconds to spare’ timeframe from the Smiths’ half a person.
    and I practically insist you republish/revise any and all posts as you see fit!

  4. 19 of 25 before ran out of time – time seemed to move quickly on this one. Although checking what I didn’t get afterward wasn’t super familiar with them so probably would have been guessing anyway.
    Re: your question, although haven’t been a long time commenter, I think what you propose sounds fine!

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