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Music Quiz: 4×4 Musicians

David Bowie Pin Ups

We had lots of perfect scores last week, but the fastest score went to Music Enthusiast Jim S. Well done everyone.

This week you need to enter the first name of famous musicians into a grid, and spell some words. If you know most of them, you can probably figure out the last few by working out the words.×4-musicians

I struggled a little with a couple of ladies from the 1980s, but eventually figured them out with 24 seconds to go. I think my time was pretty slow.

Can you beat my time?

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  1. Ok, so 11/16. But this one acted kinda funky. I did the Timed one and filled in all the boxes. I was done at 1:44. But it kept counting. Then when it counted down and revealed the answer, it showed me pictures (e.g the trumpet guy) that weren’t there when I was taking the quiz. Very odd.

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  2. I did it timed and got 16/16 with 2:38 left on the clock. That seems very fast so I’m wondering if I missed something. I just typed in the first letter of each artist’s last name for their squares. Then each set of boxes formed words, horizontally & vertically, although I don’t know what the purpose of those words is.

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  3. I got 15/16 with 1:32 minutes left. I had absolutely no idea who the third woman in the last row was, and wasn’t going to waste time venturing a guess, as no names besides Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu were coming to me, and I knew for certain it was not either of them. Stupid me only thought of filling in the squares, completely forgetting I was also supposed to solve a crossword, so never thought of simply solving it by the process of elimination!

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  4. ok 13 of 16 when time ran out – but how are you supposed to figure out what the correct letter to the ones you got wrong are – I guess i’ll go back and take it untimed to see if I can figure out.

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  5. Ok never mind did it again and see the right letters – but still don’t know who the artists are! 🙂 2nd row, 1st and 3rd boxes; 4 row, 3rd boxes. Maybe some clues later this week once most everyone has finished it?

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  6. Perfect with 0:35 seconds left but I want another try. I didn’t really read the directions before beginning (that’s on me) so I lost time off the top, then I wasted time sure that one lady was someone else, staring at it uselessly until I figured it out. I still got it, but I’ll bet I could have done better time-wise!

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