Music Quiz: 5 Letter Words in 2010s Songs

Last week’s 1990s quiz was headed for a tie between J. and Tony, before Aaron came in late with a winning time.

This week, let’s jump forward to the 2010s – complete the song titles with 5-letter words.

I scored a perfect 25/25, but I did have to do some educated guessing with the last few and was probably quite lucky.

Do you know your Psy from your Miguel? What did you score?

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  1. Heh! Worst score ever. I barely know who these people are and I couldn’t possibly care less. So I just took it for the hell of it. 9/25 of which there were two for which I recognized the titles, the rest I flipped a coin.

  2. I’m aware of about half these artists but don’t know many of their popular songs. I was able to get 10/25 with only a couple of wrong guesses before time ran out, which is significantly better than I expected. At least I beat Jim by 1. Hahaha.

  3. 16/25. I went through once and knew a few, then guessed at the rest as the clock ran down. I hadn’t even heard of some of the artists, let alone the song titles! I consider it lucky I guessed this many.
    I hadn’t realized I’d pulled off a win last week, though. Cool beans!

  4. 8 of 25 scraping the bottom – I knew like 6, guessed a few more (with a number of misses) and then ran out of time.

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