Music Quiz: Spot the Elvis

Most people aced last week’s male vocalist quiz. Rich and Jim tied for fastest time, although Rich had the distinction of guessing the bonus question (Peter Gabriel’s Up).

This week, we have what I think is the most quickfire quiz featured on this site. You need to quickly scan a grid of Elvis Presleys, and click the real ones, ignoring the impersonators.

I scored 1/5 – it was pretty tough with the 15 second time limit, although the average Sporcle score was much higher.

Go cat go, and have a merry Christmas (it’s already Christmas Eve here in New Zealand).


      1. Kind of embarrassing but yea I can tell an Elvis phony. I’ve seen the guy so much in my life…and I lived through all of those terrible made for tv movies and relatives albums and those God awful movies…most of them.

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  1. 5 of 5 with 13 seconds remaining – would have thought more time would have elapsed but guess my eyes went right to the real ones. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for all the fun this past year!

    PS. had a quick moment of panic when I logged on today in that I couldn’t find your blog – for some reason I needed to refollow it on WordPress. Weird. Happy to be following you.

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