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Music Quiz: Musical Men By Image IV

Congratulations to Geoff Stephen who, with a little help with his wife, just pipped Tony in the 1990s lyrics quiz.

This week you need to identify 20 male musical artists.

It’s not too tricky, and will probably be a speed test – I scored 20/20 with 5:53 remaining. Can you label 20 men and beat my time?

Bonus question – can you name the album cover art used in the banner art for this post?

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  1. Sorry I couldn’t participate last week but I was at the beginning of a family emergency that is still ongoing (but fortunately stable right now). Looking at the clues I would have done horribly. Not so this week, as I scored an easy 20/20 with 6:04 left on the clock. I’m also “up” enough to recognize the album cover in this post.

  2. 20/20 with an even 6:00 on the clock. I thought the P was Gary Numan and thoroughly confused myself, especially given the album artwork you’ve got Up there and having listened to him a fair bit of late.

  3. 20/20 with 6:01 remaining. Would’ve been faster but I don’t think I’d ever seen a picture of the ‘C’ artist. Process of elimination and I guessed (correctly).
    That album cover is Up (Peter Gabriel).

  4. 20/20 w/ 5:36 left – C was the most difficult for me.
    I liked the new Taylor Swift album as much as Folklore, w/ ‘Long Story Short’ as my favourite (reminds me of Postal Service). I also liked the new Paul McCartney album as well, w/ ‘When Winter Comes’ as my favourite (how has he been hiding that song for nearly 30 years?).

    • I’m actually listening to Folklore right now. Have you seen the fan theory that Evermore is the second part of a trilogy, based on one of the Folklore cover arts?
      I’m always a bit reluctant to dive into late period records as it looks weird having a review page where I haven’t covered anything for 20 years and then suddenly right eview the latest. I barely know solo McCartney really – mainly reliant of the Wingspan compilation. I generally feel like the Beatles did 90% of their best stuff in 1970 or earlier – even solo, that’s All Things Must Pass, Plastic Ono Band, and ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’. Do you like his other stuff?

      • I’ve heard the theory but there was a Jimmy Kimmel interview with her saying that one of the cover art has a placeholder name which was meant to be removed but wasn’t and she said that she was tired after making the new album. Making two albums like that in quick succession, it justifed being tiring.
        I like his solo material as I like his contributions to the Beatles more than John. I don’t mind his ‘laidback’ lyrics as long as the music is good.

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