Music Quiz: Song by Opening Lyrics (1990s)

Congratulations to Max from, who scored a perfect 30/30 in last week’s 1970s lyrics quiz, with commiserations to Felix who knew them all but had technical difficulties.

This week, same format but in the 1990s:

This one’s a lot harder – I only scored 11/30, which was actually just above the average score. I expect some knowledgeable readers will easily eclipse me though – there were plenty that looked familiar that I couldn’t trace.

We also have a reader submitted quiz – The Punk Panther has invited us all to visit his blog and try out his drummer quiz. I scored 2/12, but more eagle-eyed readers should beat me.


  1. So that was a hard one. (That’s what she said). I got 7/30. Of the remaining ones, I recognize 10 of the songs, not their lyrics. One of them I definitely knew but no variation on the title seemed to work. As to the drummers, like you, I got two. But some of those pictures sucked. In some cases, they were tiny and/or distant. I missed one of rock’s greatest drummers who I never fail to recognize.

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        1. The pictures are much bigger now.

          I tried initially to do it on Sporcle but it was taking ages because they wanted the pics sized incredibly large to meet their criteria, so I had to take them out of Mac photos and re-size them one by one in documents. It was too much faffing about.


  2. I haven’t listened to Cracked Rear View in an age… 25 and stopped by the clock but I wouldn’t have gotten the rest, not familiar with them but spent a lot of time in my teens with these songs so this was up my alley

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  3. I got 13/30 and gave up well before time. Had to pause it twice (once to see my lovely wife off to work, once to see why our spastic cat was banging around). The ones I got, I knew straight away. Several of them haunted the edge of my brain but wouldn’t come through. Many I didn’t know at all (even after I saw the answers). A few I absolutely should have got. So it goes.

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    1. Scores have been all over the place this week, but I think you’re around the median. You really hate Oasis, huh? I don’t mind the early stuff, but they did get a bit much hype.


        1. I’ve never tried to fully express my dislike of them, because that would require thinking about them. I just accept it as fact. All fair play to their fans, for real, but for me their sound is just a total no-go.


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