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Music Quiz: Trivia Triangles

Led Zeppelin IV Zoso

Congratulations to everyone who did well in last week’s Who’s That With Stevie Wonder quiz – I think every single contestant beat me! Looks like we should all Listen To What the Kamerman Said, after he recorded the fastest time with a 100% score.

This week you need to select the correct triangle to match the trivia question. It covers a wide range of music, and it’s pretty:

I scored 15/16 – I was blindsided by a 1990 song from Bell Biv DeVoe.

How did you get on?

19 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Trivia Triangles Leave a comment

  1. 16/16 – w/ 3:07 left. I was looking at the kissing the rose image and wondered, “Why is she kissing a rose?” Then I realise what song it was.

    I’ve always wondered if TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ has something to do with Paul McCartney’s ‘Waterfalls’. Surely they ripped him off there.

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  2. I’ve got my second coffee of the day on the go and I nailed 16/16 (left the Bell Biv DeVoe until last through process of elimination as I’d never really heard of them) with 3:53 left on the timer

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