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Music Quiz: Trivia Triangles

Congratulations to everyone who did well in last week’s Who’s That With Stevie Wonder quiz – I think every single contestant beat me! Looks like we should all Listen To What the Kamerman Said, after he recorded the fastest time with a 100% score.

This week you need to select the correct triangle to match the trivia question. It covers a wide range of music, and it’s pretty:


I scored 15/16 – I was blindsided by a 1990 song from Bell Biv DeVoe.

How did you get on?

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  1. Woo-hoo…a perfect score two weeks in a row. 2:51 left on the clock. That Bell Bov DeVoe song was part of a Halloween-themed music Bingo game my wife & I recently played so it was fresh in my mind. Most of the others were obvious to me. Cool format.

    • It’s weird I don’t know a pop song from 1990 – seems like a time I would have been hearing pop music. But sounded totally unfamiliar (but good). Great score.

  2. 16/16 – w/ 3:07 left. I was looking at the kissing the rose image and wondered, “Why is she kissing a rose?” Then I realise what song it was.
    I’ve always wondered if TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ has something to do with Paul McCartney’s ‘Waterfalls’. Surely they ripped him off there.

  3. I’ve got my second coffee of the day on the go and I nailed 16/16 (left the Bell Biv DeVoe until last through process of elimination as I’d never really heard of them) with 3:53 left on the timer

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