Music Quiz: Instruments by Silhouettes

Congratulations to John from, who scored the only 20/20 in last week’s quiz about Women in Music.

This week we’ll see who knows their musical instruments – most of these are straightforward, but there were a couple I found obscure, and one I missed altogether.

How did you get on?

There’s also a bonus quiz this week – I thought it was unfair to feature it, since I made it and it focuses on a specific artist, but if you’re a fan of The Replacements and Paul Westerberg, go ahead:

In other news, we had NZ’s election this past weekend. Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party scored more than 50%, enough to govern alone. I would have preferred to see a coalition with the Greens, who I voted for, but I was glad to see the repudiation of various right wing conspiracy parties. For some reason there were a multitude of various far-right parties this election, all cannibalising each other’s votes and helping the left to cruise to victory.


        1. I’m watching your president right now. They should develop a lie detector that gives out a little shock every time they say something like “I’m the least racist person in this room”.


  1. SCORE
    15/16…. I missed the one that…started with s…

    16/20…with me brushing up lately with the Replacements has helped…but not enough.

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      1. I won’t take much credit because some were more obvious but I knew more than I thought…before your post a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have got half as many right….


  2. I got 15/16 incredibly quickly and then stumbled on the last one (which starts with a “B”). Having played in several orchestras as a youngster, I’m disappointed in myself for not getting a perfect score. I’ll skip the Replacements quiz, as I’m only a casual fan. Saw them open for someone in the ’80s (U2? The Kinks?) and wasn’t impressed, but I’ve come around to their music as a “grown-up”.

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    1. I missed the B one too – I just haven’t dealt with one for a long time. The Replacements famously opened for Tom Petty in the late 1980s – Petty swiped the “rebel without a clue” line from ‘I’ll Be You’.


  3. 16/16 – w/ 3:10 to go, I was lightning quick with all except the instrument that has the name with the composer who did the Monty Python theme. That took a little while.

    12/20 – yeah, couldn’t remember the lyrics to the Replacements that well. I have listened to them but ‘Let It Be’ is one I would always go back to if I want to listen to them.

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  4. perfect score with 1:58 to go – helped that I played sax in high school and had exposure to most of the instruments listed. And congrats on living in a country with a rational leader – hopefully in about a week we will join you

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