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Music Quiz: W,X,Y, and Z Albums by 3 Singles

At 10:21 pm last Thursday evening, Jim the Music Enthusiast asked the question “when will Tony win?” At 10:24pm, Tony clocked in with an impeccable 24/24 in the T Albums by 3 Singles quiz.

This week is the same format, but albums starting with W,X,Y, and Z.


Just like last week, I got two wrong, scoring 18/20. Can you demonstrate your knowledge of Mary J. Blige and Ne Yo, and beat my score?


  1. Ugh…a real stinker for me this week. Got the 12 I knew easily and followed that with 8 incorrect guesses. I really need to shut off whatever music I’m playing when I do these quizzes and focus on the song titles. I would probably have gotten a couple of the ones I missed. Oh well.

  2. A pathetic 8.
    I know what I know – The Who, The Police, Marvin Gaye, Floyd, Oasis, Whitney, Supremes, CCR. The rest I just don’t know or even care! I don’t lower myself to guess, because the guesses would not be educated! If I don’t know I don’t know.
    I still enjoy doing it though.

  3. I agree that there is an art to the educated guess but when you don’t even know who Ne-Yo or Matchbox 20 are it becomes more difficult, same as last week when there seemed to be even more contemporary stuff. I haven’t got a clue about Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande and I couldn’t even name more than two Adele songs (Skyfall and Make You Feel My Love if you’re wondering) – so, I just answer what I know and see how many points that gives me. My score of eight is an accurate reflection of my knowledge (or lack of).
    I do much better on the 70s song lyrics/album covers type quizzes though!

    • I think younger constituents will complain if we stay in the 1970s all the time! I don’t keep up with everything but I find there’s plenty of modern music I enjoy.

  4. In answer to your question….. No, no I cant’….. 13-20. Too many hip/hop & R/B for my rock brain… 🙂

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