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Music Quiz: T Albums by 3 Singles

It looks like we had a dead heat last week – Rich from KamerTunes and Music Enthusiast Jim both scored 25/25 with 5:49 remaining. Congratulations to everyone who scored full marks, and it sounds like the rest of us need to get up to speed on Steve “Pompatus of Love” Miller.

This week takes in a broader spectrum of music, from The Who’s Tommy in 1969 to albums from the last decade. You need to link the three songs to the album.

I scored 22/24 – I had a fair idea of the first 21, but my final guessing was sub-optimal. Can you score full marks?


  1. 12/24 and ran out of time 🙁

  2. Yikes, after tying with Jim last week I had a woeful performance this week. Got the first 17 with no problem followed by 7 wrong guesses. Shows how familiar I am with song titles by current & recent artists.

  3. Back in the doghouse this week, 18/24. Got the ones I knew then went into wild-assed guessing.

  4. Nope. 9/24. I’m not big on the pop stars apparently.

  5. SCORE

  6. 21/24 – Live, Third Eye Blind and Sheryl Crow are the three I missed. A lot of them is just knowing one song and then finding the artist.

  7. 9 for me – Bruce, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Who, Paul Simon, Stones, Carole King and Toto. The rest I barely even know who they are!

  8. I got 24 but only 20 of those were known and the rest were massive MASSIVE guesses and I’m obviously riding a massive wave of espresso this morning…

  9. Earned 15/15 with limited effort – and then went 1 for 9 on the guesses, yikes!

  10. 21 of 24 – had 18 correct and had to guess on rest – when 50/50. The breadth of albums make it more difficult but fun!

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