Music Quiz: Eliminate Your Options

Congratulations to John Snow from 2loud2oldmusic, who scored the fastest time in last week’s quiz (and was one of only two 100% scores, along with Rich). I know how much he likes memes, so….

This week’s quiz isn’t too tricky, but requires some mental agility – you need to remember which 3 options are eliminated so you can choose the correct answer.

I scored full marks with 4:21 remaining. Can you beat my time?


  1. 11/12 w/ 4:52 – I missed the one about the album recorded by a band, jazz and live album. I was overthinking that Pet Sounds weren’t recorded by the Beach Boys themselves so I picked that, stupidly forgetting that the correct answer was recorded by THE solo artist.

  2. 12/12 with 4:45 on the clock. Took a semi-guess on the classical and Marvin Gaye ones so it’s only by a couple of coin tosses.

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