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Music Quiz: Famous Trios

Last week’s 1960s Ruined by a Letter quiz was pretty easy once you figured out how it worked – lots of 100% scores, but Music Enthusiast Jim was the fastest.

This week’s quiz is more straightforward in concept, but hopefully a little trickier. You need to name famous trios:

I scored 15/18 – can you beat me? I clearly need to brush up on 1980s rockabilly revival and Texan power trios.


  1. Oh boy, I found that quiz very easy except for the band from the late-’90s with a number in their name, but it eventually came to me so I got 18/18 with 0:37 left on the clock. I own albums by 15 of these artists which might account for my score.

    • I missed the number one, but I’ve never liked them. It was obvious they were a punk-ish band from the late 1990s or early 2000s, just from the way they looked….

  2. I got 12 out of 18 but really 14 out of 18 as I forgot “The” on Dixie Chicks and misspelled Jimi. Ones wrong: Destiny’s Child, Motorhead (I know how could I have missed it!), Blink 182, and Los Lonely Boys.

  3. 13/18. Plus it told me You’re so money and you don’t even know it. I should have gotten those three ladies but those damn pictures were pretty small. Likewise those three guys with the famous drummer.

  4. 15/18 – I don’t know two of the groups (the one with the felines in its names and the Spanish group) and the other one, I knew of the group but couldn’t recognise them (the two beards).

  5. 15 of 18, just like our esteemed host. 🙂 :). like others, missed the obscure band from Teas, the one with the number in the name and then blanked on Beyonce’s former group. Thanks as always

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