Music Quiz: Debuts #6

Congratulation to Tony and Sheik Yerbouti, who both scored 100% in last week’s thyme and Gnarls Barkley quiz, with SY scoring the slightly faster time.

This week we’re looking at debut albums. I enjoyed this quiz because it’s a mix of the usual music snob suspects (David Bowie, Bob Dylan) and artists that are less critically favoured (Olivia Newton-John, Cher). Some of these debuts are a little obscure, but if you have a vague idea what the artists look like, you should be able to puzzle it out.

I used exactly half of the 1:30, with 45 seconds remaining. Can you score full marks and beat my time?

In other news, we’re back to Covid Alert Level 2 in New Zealand (and level 3 in Auckland) after some community transmitted cases were found. I’m distressed and bemused by the panic shoppers (surely you stocked up a little on toilet paper after last time?) and the conspiracy theorists.

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  1. 100% with 35 seconds left – shouldn’t have tried this on mobile as valuable seconds were wasting thumbing out.
    Having endured nearly six months of Boris’ twat-handling of the virus response I’ve always looked at NZ’s management as exemplary

    • Good work! I think our government has done fine, really. Just lots of conspiracy theorists coming out of the woodwork. Johnson kind of changed courses in mid-stream, which wasn’t a great move.

    • I didn’t notice that, but they are all pretty old.
      Winston’s not really the problem this week, I don’t think? More National and all the crazy minority parties peddling conspiracies.

  2. Nailed ’em all. Happily, the quiz told me “That right there was the work of a superior intellect” which made me so happy. BTW, I am late to these games because I cannot figure out how to follow your blog.

  3. 11 of 12 – messed up on the “beginning of time” band. Sorry to hear covid back in NZ – but hey, at least your not living in the good ole USA…….

      • Trying to decide what emoji is appropriate- and I can’t decide – rolling on the floor laughing, face plant or the scream 😱- yeah I guess that one. Needless to say he is pathetic, clueless incompetent…. if someone told him it was actually Old Zealand is doing better he’d probably say yes many people are saying that.

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