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Music Quiz: Debuts #6

Congratulation to Tony and Sheik Yerbouti, who both scored 100% in last week’s thyme and Gnarls Barkley quiz, with SY scoring the slightly faster time.

This week we’re looking at debut albums. I enjoyed this quiz because it’s a mix of the usual music snob suspects (David Bowie, Bob Dylan) and artists that are less critically favoured (Olivia Newton-John, Cher). Some of these debuts are a little obscure, but if you have a vague idea what the artists look like, you should be able to puzzle it out.

I used exactly half of the 1:30, with 45 seconds remaining. Can you score full marks and beat my time?

In other news, we’re back to Covid Alert Level 2 in New Zealand (and level 3 in Auckland) after some community transmitted cases were found. I’m distressed and bemused by the panic shoppers (surely you stocked up a little on toilet paper after last time?) and the conspiracy theorists.

27 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Debuts #6 Leave a comment

  1. 100% with 35 seconds left – shouldn’t have tried this on mobile as valuable seconds were wasting thumbing out.
    Having endured nearly six months of Boris’ twat-handling of the virus response I’ve always looked at NZ’s management as exemplary

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  2. Nailed ’em all. Happily, the quiz told me “That right there was the work of a superior intellect” which made me so happy. BTW, I am late to these games because I cannot figure out how to follow your blog.

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  3. 11 of 12 – messed up on the “beginning of time” band. Sorry to hear covid back in NZ – but hey, at least your not living in the good ole USA…….

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