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Music Quiz: The Only One

Queen News of the World

Congratulations to Max (Badfinger20), who won last week’s quiz by a substantial margin. He scored 25% more than than the next best candidate in our early influences quiz.

This week is less of a music quiz, and more of a logic/general knowledge quiz. You need to identify one of 12 famous musical acts that meets specific criteria.

Can you solve the clues? I found that skipping the less obvious clues was helpful. I scored full marks with 1:39 to spare.

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  1. Thanks!

    Graham you may want to dock me on this one. My browser froze with 2 answered so I went back in but had to start anew… So I had extra time on it.

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  2. 12/12 w/ 2:31 remaining – some are obvious but one that I didn’t get my head around at the time is the anagram of the planet which I left it for the last answer but I finally figured it out and I feel dumb about not knowing before.

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  3. BTW, thanks for the heads up re: new Beths album. Loving it. Feels like some of the songs are a bit harder edged, reminded me in some places of Fountains of Wayne.

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