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Music Quiz: The Only One

Congratulations to Max (Badfinger20), who won last week’s quiz by a substantial margin. He scored 25% more than than the next best candidate in our early influences quiz.

This week is less of a music quiz, and more of a logic/general knowledge quiz. You need to identify one of 12 famous musical acts that meets specific criteria.


Can you solve the clues? I found that skipping the less obvious clues was helpful. I scored full marks with 1:39 to spare.


  1. Thanks!
    Graham you may want to dock me on this one. My browser froze with 2 answered so I went back in but had to start anew… So I had extra time on it.

  2. 12/12 w/ 2:31 remaining – some are obvious but one that I didn’t get my head around at the time is the anagram of the planet which I left it for the last answer but I finally figured it out and I feel dumb about not knowing before.

  3. 8 of 12 – even though its the middle of the afternoon here, could not get my brain in gear on the Roman numeral ones!
    Funny change up from normal focus on musical knowledge.

  4. BTW, thanks for the heads up re: new Beths album. Loving it. Feels like some of the songs are a bit harder edged, reminded me in some places of Fountains of Wayne.

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