Music Quiz: Early Influences

Last week lots of people scored a perfect 30/30 in the 1980s lyric quiz – congratulations to Rich Kamerman with the fastest recorded time.

This week, Jim was interested in a blues quiz. The best I could find was this quiz of early influences in the rock and roll hall of fame.

I scored an embarrassing 11/31 (below the median!). I’m sure other contestants will demolish my score – I’m not very well versed in pre-rock and roll.

How did you get on?


  1. A truly awful showing from me this week, with 13/30…even though I know just about every name in this quiz. Sadly my brain wasn’t accessing most of them. In bowling terms, it’s like a had a spare last week and followed it with a gutter ball. Oh well. At least I was reminded of some CDs I need to take off the shelves & give a spin soon.

  2. I didn’t do great but I knew more than I thought…I guess it paid off watching all of the music docs…

  3. 10/30 – yeah, my knowledge to early influences isn’t as strong as 60s music onwards.

  4. I will skip this one as not my cup of tea. I barely knew anything and just gave up.

  5. 8 – not exactly a score to print out & proudly display on the family refrigerator!

  6. Matched you – a measly 11. also not as knowledgeable about the origins as I would like.

  7. Gonna take my 9/30 and slink away quietly

  8. 21/31 Missed a couple I should have had. Recognized most of the names but didn’t always know their ‘title. Oh well.

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