Music Quiz: Spotify Results and Follow That Lyric – 1980s

We’ve had 20 weeks of Spotify quizzes – congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti for the overall victory. Sheik scored 390 of a possible 400, which is equivalent to only missing one clue every second week over the competition. Tony finished a very close second, only one point behind first place, while Scott led the peloton with 374. Congratulations to everyone who hung in there for the full 20 weeks. I publicly displayed holes in my musical knowledge – looks like I need to bone up on Snoop Dogg and take flight with The Yardbirds.

Here are the official results:

ParticipantWeek 20Total
Sheik Yerbouti20390
Geoff (1001)17371
Rich Kamerman17364
John (2loud2old)17350
Max (badfinger20)15348

Normal transmission has resumed this week after 20 weeks of competition, so here’s a 1980s lyrics quiz:

I scored 28/30 – how did you get on?


  1. SCORE
    27/30… curse you…I now have Bon J in my head.

    Well I wasn’t far away from going up a notch or two…I’ll try to better next time. It was a lot of fun.

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  2. 30 – I had to skip a couple and then come back by process of elimination.
    Thanks for hosting the quizzes, I am delighted to earn what my brother calls the “Canada Bronze” (as in the Olympics, we tend to finish well but just off the podium) – 4th place!

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      1. Cool. Thanks for the heads up. Will check it out! They are still supposed to perform here in DC end of August but we’ll see – the way things are heading here in world corona central here in US they may be want to stay down under

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  3. And want to give kudos to our winners in the Spotify challenge – I am humbled to be in the presence of such vast musical knowldege. And thanks Graham for doing these – they are definitely a highlight of my week.

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