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Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs XIV

Welcome to week 14 in the Sporcle Spotify challenge.

Here are the results so far:

ParticipantWeek 13Total
Sheik Yerbouti20257
Geoff (1001)19246
Rich Kamerman19244
John (2loud2old)19237
Max (badfinger20)17236
Scottnot yet226
Jimnot yet214

This week’s quiz is at:

I scored 17/20 (my lowest yet), the average is 62%, what did you score? The series is up to 19 weeks presently.

My misses so far: The Partridge Family, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Vinton, Loverboy, David Soul, Ice Cube, The Pussycat Dolls, Tommy Tutone, The Jonas Brothers, Debbie Gibson, Daniel Powter, ‘Desperate But Not Serious’, ‘Black Widow’, ‘When I Was Your Man’.

If you missed the early weeks and want to catch up, you can find the previous quizzes at

31 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs XIV Leave a comment

  1. 19/20 – I’ve heard of ‘Do That to Me One More Time’ but don’t know the artist – I’ve only heard it as someone brought it up as an example of how music in the United States in that year it was released was bad.

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  2. 16/20, pretty good week! The ones I missed I was sure I was going to miss anyway, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” singer. Should have gotten that one!

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  3. I found this week’s to be the hardest yet, and my score reflects that – flaming out at 11 of 20. 😦 Only a couple where a couldnt think of the name that I should know – the others I never heard of. Looks like I am comfortably at bottom but enjoying these nonetheless!

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    • Sorry – thought I replied to this earlier. I think they’ve been getting harder – probably makes sense as we run out of easier artists. Do you like the new Jason Isbell?


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