Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs XIII

Welcome to week 13 in the Sporcle Spotify challenge.

Here are the results so far:

ParticipantWeek 12Total
Sheik Yerbouti19237
Geoff (1001)18227
Rich Kamerman18225
Max (badfinger20)17219
John (2loud2old)15218
Chris (moviesandsongs)14187

This week’s quiz is at:

I scored 19/20, the average is 59%, what did you score? The series is up to 19 weeks presently.

My misses so far: The Partridge Family, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Vinton, Loverboy, David Soul, Ice Cube, The Pussycat Dolls, Tommy Tutone, The Jonas Brothers, Debbie Gibson, ‘Bad Day’.

If you missed the early weeks and want to catch up, you can find the previous quizzes at


  1. Ok since I appear to be the last one to play last week’s I’ll be among the first to do this weeks. But same result as usually – 15 of 20. A couple just were on tip of my tongue (like the precious stone one) and other like the Bad Day guy I had not idea. Seemed like there were a number of artists from down under though.

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    1. Couple of Australian bands. I don’t think there are many NZ acts that you could feature and expect not to be at the bottom of the table – Crowded House (who are tenuous anyway), Lorde, maybe Split Enz or Kimbra (but mainly for her famous guest spot)


        1. She was very nice. It was at the height of her fame around the time of her second album, so she was probably 18 years old. She autographed a promo photo for my sister who she must have assumed was a teenager like most of her fans. At the time my sister was a 25-year-old military police officer.

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  2. First time participating but I’m going to try and get on this train! 14/20- There were two of those that I recognized the songs but couldn’t place the artist, the other three I was completely out of luck!

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  3. 20/20 – one (Fruits of my Labour singer) was purely by chance as Spotify had decided I’d enjoy her work this week after listening to Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker. On the downside I’ve now got Bad Day stuck in my head. Ta for that

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  4. I can’t compete with the other scores so I’ll politely exit the game (you can remove me from the race). I’ve never heard of Daniel Powter or Lisa Loeb but I recognized their biggest hits when i just played them. I know the melodies but often not the name of the artist.


  5. 19 – I thought it was a ‘d’ instead of a ‘t’ in the bad day singer & when it didn’t accept my answer, i struggled to troubleshoot with different spellings.
    I’m surprised ‘deeply dippy’ didn’t crack the top 5 downloads for one of the other artists, I genuinely like that song!

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