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Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs XII

Welcome to week 12 in the Sporcle Spotify challenge.

Here are the results so far:

ParticipantWeek 11Total
Sheik Yerbouti20218
Geoff (1001)19209
Rich Kamerman19207
John (2loud2old)18203
Max (badfinger20)19202
Chris (moviesandsongs)14173

This week’s quiz is at:

I scored 18/20, the average is 58%, what did you score? The series is up to 19 weeks now, so we aren’t done yet.

My misses so far: The Partridge Family, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Vinton, Loverboy, David Soul, Ice Cube, The Pussycat Dolls, Tommy Tutone, ‘Lost In Your Eyes’, ‘What A Man Gotta Do’.

If you missed the early weeks and want to catch up, you can find the previous quizzes at


  1. 16/20. That stinks but I’m posting here because, well, that’s what a man gotta do.

  2. Happy to report that I tied our host at 18/20. I’m aware of the two I missed but never would have gotten them no matter how long I stared at the album covers & song titles. I met one of these artists in the late-’80s. Can you guess which one?

  3. 18 – missed the teen idols from the 80s & 2000s!

  4. 19/20 for me. I think I missed one of the 80s teen idols that Geoff missed.

  5. SCORE
    This one was a little rougher

  6. 19/20 – don’t know the artist who sang ‘Paper Planes’.
    I know the artist who sang ‘Lost in Your Eyes’ as I have a vinyl LP of an album of hers and I know the artist who sang ‘What a Man Gotta Do’ as the song ‘Only Human’ was annoyingly on the radio all the time here in Australia.

  7. 14/20 again. Even though I’m last at least I’m better than the the 60% average with 70%!

  8. This was the hardest one yet. 15/20 for me.

  9. 20 / 20 this week. I’ll gladly admit that the Lost In Your Eyes was a pure fluke of a guess. I’ve not heard it nor am in a rush to do so. But I do feel the need for some Low Rider now

  10. Hi Graham, weird that I did this I think Sunday night or Monday but doesn’t seem to have gotten to you. I got 16 of 20 – perhaps I forgot to push send? I should have know something was up when I didnt hear from you – you are always really good about responding.

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