Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs VI

We’re up to week 6 in the Sporcle Spotify challenge.

Here are the results so far:

ParticipantWeek 5Total
Sheik Yerbouti2099
Rich Kamerman2098
Geoff (1001)1997
John (2loud2old)1996
Max (badfinger20)1892
Chris (moviesandsongs)1685
J.Not yet74

This week’s quiz is at:

I scored 20/20, the average is 65%, what did you score?

My misses so far: The Partridge Family, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg

In other news, I’ve added reviews of the recent Soccer Mommy and Nadia Reid releases to their artist pages. They work in different genres – Soccer Mommy recalls 1990s rockers like Liz Phair and Sheryl Crow, while Nadia Reid is a singer-songwriter – but they have a lot in common. They’re both tall, they both have songs on their new albums about resisting Satan (‘Lucy’, Get The Devil Out’), and they both released new albums that are worthy but don’t quite measure up to their previous records. Color Theory is a little lethargic after the first couple of tracks, while Out of my Province suffers from over-polished production.

In Coronavirus news, we’re in our first day of lockdown in New Zealand – basically only allowed off the property for essential shopping. It will probably affect my blog output somewhat as my wife and I juggle working from home and having the kids home from school. At the time of writing, we’ve had 205 cases and no deaths yet – hopefully our 28 day lockdown stamps it out before it gets too widespread. New Zealand’s always hilariously small; the All of Government Controller, John Ombler, is my mother-in-law’s cousin.

If you missed the early weeks and want to catch up, you can find the previous quizzes at

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  1. Ooh, a slightly tougher one this week, but I’m proud of my 18/20 score. I missed the recent multi-Grammy-winning female artist and the group of legumes. No amount of staring at the song titles & album covers was going to help me with those.
    I hope the virus stays contained in your homeland, and you & your loved ones stay safe & healthy.

    • Good work!
      New Zealand’s a good place to be in a pandemic really – we’re a bit more isolated than most places, and almost all of our cases have been people coming back and then getting sick. Officials expect a lot of cases over the next 10 days, then for it to hopefully flatten off.

  2. 18/20, missed the rapper. And they threw a classical one in? And I knew it? I like classical but hardly my forte. Well, doesn’t matter. I ain’t winning this contest any time soon.

  3. 20/20 with mere seconds to spare.
    We’re not in lockdown yet here in Canada but it may come to that because people are not doing their part to “socially distance”. I think a lot people are getting bored out there. I’ve seen a huge spike in hits to my blog.

    • Only 20 so far this week.
      We had a few days where we were on a lower alert level, and people didn’t really listen – plus everyone went to the shops at once to panic buy. Seems a lot better now that we’re at the highest alert level and it’s a national emergency.
      I’ve generally had a big uptick in visitors this year, and another big uptick at the start of March. I’m assuming some is fundamental growth and some is coronavirus.

  4. ok 15 of 20 so a bit of a slide this week – I must say the wide genre variety threw me a bit. And a bit of a protest on the classical one – was not thinking of the composer so didnt even try there (of course not a big classical guy so that was probably a lost cause anyway).
    Hope NZ can keep coronavirus under control – 28 day lockdown sounds like way to go if you can pull it off. Over here apparently the virus is going to disappear and a miracle is going to happen by Easter so I guess nothing to worry about – NOT.

    • Classical music always has a weird filing thing where you can file by composer or by artist (which could be the conductor or the orchestra).
      Some people in your country seem pretty convinced coronavirus will die down when it warms up, but it seems to be spreading in Australia in March (although I suspect the heat might slow transmission down a little bit?).

  5. 20/20 here – almost didn’t make it until I remembered a video with a cartoon cat. We’re on lockdown here, thanks to the effect the shutdown has had on the company I work(ed) for I now have more time to dedicate to making sure my son keeps up to date with his school work. Five days in and I think the law should be changed to allow teachers to drink on the job

    • Good work – not many 20s yet. I have two kids at home-school age, which makes things a lot easier, although the refugee girl from down the road likes to ring up for help too, which makes things trickier.

  6. B.T.O have some enjoyable singles, “Let It Ride” might be my favorite from them (so far)
    Sounds like NZ isn’t a critical zone. The government closed schools and shut the borders in Denmark, limiting public gathering and encouraging working from home. I still see my family though. Grateful I don’t live in southern Europe(!)
    I’m anticipating a wave of new music about self-isolation. Sludge by Squid taps into that which I heard this morinng.

    • It will certainly give a lot of artists time to write. Also hope it doesn’t kill off too many ageing legends – sounds like John Prine is in critical condition…

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