Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs V

We’re up to week 5 in the Sporcle Spotify challenge.

Here are the results so far:

ParticipantWeek 4Total
Sheik Yerbouti2079
Geoff (1001)2078
Rich Kamerman2078
John (2loud2old)2077
Max (badfinger20)2074
Chris (moviesandsongs)1869

Here’s week 5’s challenge:

The average Sporcle score is 61%, but I didn’t think it was too bad – I scored 20/20.

My misses so far: The Partridge Family, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg

If you missed the early weeks and want to catch up, you can find the previous quizzes at

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  1. I was halfway through when my computer froze, so after a long reboot process I re-started and got an easy 20/20. Only one of them, a young female country star, took a few seconds of scratching my head before the name came to me. I like the diversity on display this week.

  2. 17 of 20, and again, while I heard of them all dont think I would have gotten them – country is not my forte (except a long time ago and neither is female pop. i fear i will fall behind with this crew

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