Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs IV

Welcome back for week 4 of the Popular Spotify Song challenge. This is how the leaderboard looks:

ParticipantWeek 3Total
Sheik Yerbouti1959
Geoff (1001)2058
Rich Kamerman2058
John (2loud2old)1957
Max (badfinger20)1954
Chris (moviesandsongs)1851

There are at least ten weeks to go after this one (the creator keeps adding quizzes to the series), so don’t worry if you’re a little behind.

Here is week four’s quiz:

Like the previous week’s quiz, the average score is 70%. I found it a bit easier and scored 20/20 – how did you get on?


  1. It’s been a while… SCORE
    One I had to guess on one and I got it. 90s “group” I didn’t listen to.

  2. 20 with 3:03 to go – I went back after and looked at some of the stats. What a difference in streaming quantity from the Dee Snider Band’s #1 song to their #3

    • The Archies in the first quiz are pretty much the quintessential one-hit wonder too. Another quirk is the predominance of Christmas songs – screenshots must have come from Christmastime.

    • Great work! I don’t really want to keep track of everyone’s times over 14 weeks – if it’s a 3-way tie at the end we’ll just have to live with that. You’re equal with me, I think, although I’m not an official contestant.

  3. 19 of 20, and i never would have gotten the Maggot Brain one. So happy with the score and hopefully wont fall behind too much.

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