Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs III

Welcome back to the third week of the Spotify quiz series. Eleven contestants have completed the first two week of Spotify quizzes. The leaderboard now looks like this:

ParticipantWeek 2Total
Sheik Yerbouti2040
Geoff (1001)1938
John (2loud2old)1938
Rich Kamerman1838
Max (badfinger20)1835
Chris (moviesandsongs)1433

I scored 19/20 in the third week. You can compete at:

In other news, I’m terrible at catching live gigs but my wife gifted us tickets to see The New Pornographers. It was an unusual gig – usually they’d play in a smaller venue, but because it was part of the New Zealand Festival of the Arts, they played the Michael Fowler Centre, a seated venue that usually hosts classical events. It has a 2,200 capacity, but was only half full – not surprising when there’s a bunch of classy gigs at the Festival. I would have also liked to have seen festival curator Laurie Anderson, Weyes Blood, and Nadia Reid.

It was a difficult task to play in front of a subdued, seated audience – two ladies in their seventies were seated in front of me – but the band were professional. It was a slightly altered lineup – long time members A.C. Newman, Neko Case, and Todd Fancey played, as well as newer members Joe Seiders and Simi Stone. They were augmented by a couple of ring-ins; a young bass player and an incredibly tall keyboard player who covered Kathryn Calder’s vocal parts.

The most impressive part of seeing The New Pornographers live is their vocals – Neko Case was impressive, and drummer Joe Seiders is an important part of the vocal mix. A.C. Newman doesn’t have a distinctive voice, but he sounded gorgeous, and showcased his falsetto in ‘The Laws Have Changed’. Highlights included the ensemble vocals on ‘Testament To Youth in Verse’, and ‘Dreamlike and On The Rush’, which was subdued on record but was a great rocker live.


  1. 20;20. Fairly easy for the first batch, last two points made me think. Second time the red-headed stranger has shown up in a quiz recently.

  2. SCORE
    The rapper I guessed…it was the…uh modern version of Alice Cooper…not better mind you…just modern.

  3. 20/20 with only 14 seconds to spare.
    Love the New Pornos BTW, I should be seeing them for the second time this summer. They’re like Broken Social Scene, though, you never know who will be in the band when you see them.

  4. I scored 19 this week. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…
    Never seen the New Pornographers live… They’re definitely a band I’d love to catch at some point.

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