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Music Quiz: Name the Spotify Artist II

Led Zeppelin IV Zoso

Welcome back to the Spotify quiz series. We had ten contestants in the first week of Spotify quizzes, and the leaderboard looks like this:

ParticipantWeek 1Total
Rich Kamerman2020
Sheik Yerbouti2020
John (2loud2old)1919
Chris (moviesandsongs)1919
Geoff (1001)1919
Max (badfinger20)1717

There are 12 quizzes in the series to date, so you have lots of time to catch up.

Feel free to join in, even if you missed the first week – you can look at for the previous week’s quiz if you’d like to complete that too.

I thought week 2 was a little harder than week 1 – I scored 18 this week. But the average quiz score is actually higher, so who knows?

How did you get on?

31 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Name the Spotify Artist II Leave a comment

      • He was in a Superbowl ad this year – and in my marketing class, it made for a good discussion about target audiences. As the ad was clearly geared towards them (I can’t remember what the product was) & another Jeep ad, recreating scenes from the film Groundhog Day, was cleared geared towards my demographic!


  1. 15 of 20 – coffee hadn’t kicked in and could not for the live of me remember the medical procedure one and the girl group – was driving me nuts. The others i wouldn’t have gotten.

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