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Music Quiz: Name the Spotify Artist

It looks like noone scored more than 24/28 in last week’s royal artists quiz. Congratulations to Rich and J who tied for the best score.

This week you need to name the artist, based on their top five Spotify songs.


I scored 20 in 01:48 – can you beat my time?

I really like this series of Spotify quizzes – they cover lots of stylistic and chronological ground. There’s quite a franchise of them – there are 11 to date. I’m thinking of running it as a series over the next ten weeks, keeping track of everyone’s scores over the period. Are people keen for this?

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  1. Somehow I got 20/20 but didn’t come close to your time. Finished with 2:05 left on the clock. I like this format since I can use song titles OR (very tiny) album artwork to figure out the answers. I’m also glad it was pointed out by you or one of your readers recently that you only have to enter the last name, which is a real time saver.

  2. 20/20 with 1:53 left, lucky that I at least know one song from each artist
    Seeing Alice Cooper in the quiz, did you watch the Fire Fight Australia concert? For me, it was good fun watching Alice Cooper and Queen + Adam Lambert performing.

    • Great work! I didn’t see the Fire Fight Australia concert. Queen + Adam Lambert played here a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t go, but it was all over my Facebook feed with friends going.

    • Good effort! I was surprised by them too – so much so that I even blanked out on ‘Sugar Sugar’, but one of their other songs had the word “Archies” in it.

      • I knew it…I guess I can mention it now…I just happened to know that top Garbage song…that almost got me.

    • I only know their one hit – ‘Sugar Sugar’. They mark a divergence – throughout a lot of the 1960s in rock music, there was a decent correlation between what sold well and what was critically acclaimed (like The Beatles). The Archies messed with that.

  3. 18 for me. I would never have gotten one of them and maybe should have gotten the other (I mean, have I been living in a cave or what!?).
    And yup, chalk me down for being interested in some more of these.

  4. 19 of 20 – could have looked at it forever and would never have gotten the ‘opposite of wild” car name one. I definitely would be up for a series of these!

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