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Music Quiz: 1980s Music Videos

Welcome back to this week’s quiz. Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti who scored the fastest time in last week’s flags of the world quiz, and congratulations to all the other 12/12 contestants.


I scored 20/20 in 2:32, although I was lucky as my final guess was a 50/50 between hungry wolves and tiger eyes. I’m sure some of you people old enough to have watched MTV during the era will be able to beat my time. Let me know your score and your time!

I always find the Grammys a little unsatisfying; the results often feel like an unsatisfying compromise of popularity and quality. I like Billie Eilish fine, but her dominance of this year’s major awards was perplexing. She has a ton of charisma and interesting production from her brother, but it all seems premature, like putting an albatross around her neck. Lana Del Rey and Tyler, the Creator would have both been good choices for album of the year, established artists who are at their career peak.


  1. Even with Duke Ellington playing on my stereo I couldn’t be stopped this week, scoring 20/20 with 4:31 left on the clock (I guess that means I did it in 1:29). Although I’m a child of the ’70s I spent a lot of time watching videos in the ’80s, even artists I didn’t care for, so this quiz was clearly in my wheelhouse. As for the Grammys, I stopped caring a long time ago. There are still plenty of current artists I love but very few (if any) get exposure in the mainstream.

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  2. 19/20. Was I – rickrolled? I know most of these videos/songs pretty well. I thought I knew ‘Total Eclipse’ as well but that clip stumped me.

    I never heard of Billie Eilish till your post. I thought she was some underground discovery of yours. I usually pay no attention to the Grammys as what they show on TV has never been representative of what I listen to. But my wife got finished watching one of her endless NCIS reruns, clicked over to it and there was Aerosmith in the middle of a rather mediocre “Livin’ on the Edge.” But when they did “Walk This Way,” I thought ‘Boy, it’d be cool if Run DMC came out.’ And they did. The Interwebs mob said they were both past their prime but so what. It was a kick and the audience (including Smokey Robinson) ate it up. It’s all spectacle.

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    1. I didn’t even think about the rick-rolling. I think I’ve seen Total Eclipse – or at least thought the imagery made sense for a Jim Steinman production.

      Most of the things I cover in the new reviews are kind of the critical mainstream – things that get a lot of attention from critics and music nerds. I find that the best way to find the new releases that interest me.


      1. Steinman. The Meat Loaf guy. Did you know there was a “Bat Out of Hell” musical? Just closed in NYC. But you’re in luck. A touring company will be in Australia in June of this year. You’re pretty close. My geography is a little fuzzy but I imagine you should be able to drive your car right over there,

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        1. Total Eclipse of the Heart sounds like Steinman, right? Pretty much a Meatloaf song with a different singer. It’s interesting how Meatloaf’s inspired so much of a passionate following to have a musical.


  3. 14/20 – I missed out the obvious ones such as Bon Jovi & Prince but the rest I got wrong were unfamiliar to me.

    I will say ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish was deserving of Record of the Year (it’s either that or ‘Old Town Road’) but Album of the Year should have gone to Lana Del Rey. The Grammys this year was a meh for me. There were some good performances (Tyler, the Creator, Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello) but there were forgettable performances (the Nipsey Hussle tribute, do we really need DJ Khaled talking over everybody?), which leads to my favourite awards ceremony tradition: complaining how they are always too long.

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    1. Good effort! I didn’t watch the ceremony as it’s at a weird time for New Zealand, just watched some on YouTube later. Did take a long time for all the results to filter out so I imagine it was very slow going.


        1. Now I would strike out on that one mostly. I do remember some though…repressed memories.
          I do like trivia. I look forward to your game on Wednesday.

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  4. 20/20 with 2:34 so just beat you, but looks like 2loud2oldmusic killed it! i had the same dilemma as you between tigers and wolves and guessed right.

    I gave up on the Grammys over 2 decades ago – the show is imponderable to watch – like this year I had there was a tribute to the outgoing head of the Grammy’s organization (can’t remember the name – RIAA? with a song from the 80s? Why?

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  5. I agree with you that Billie Eilish winning all the awards is like an albatross around her neck. did she also win best new artist – that traditionally has been the kiss of death for an artist.

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      1. Oh God! I have not thought about that band in ages!! Now I’m going to have Afternoon Delight running through my head today ! Ahh! That’s one band the GrAmmy kiss of death was well deserved 😀

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  6. 18 with 4:02 left on the clock.

    Grammy’s… I don’t know how I feel about them to be honest. No doubt great for an artist, their management and label, but ultimately it’s all about who has the backing / campaign, no?

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