Music Quiz: Back the Block

Congratulations to Max at who achieved last week’s only perfect score in the duo quiz.

This week you need to answer some trivia questions. As you fill them in, you complete a word find. This makes it easier to figure out the tougher questions at the end.

I scored 30/30 with 5:14 remaining. Can you beat my time?

Missed previous editions of the quiz? Try here:

In other news, I have become obsessed with “treasure coins” after one of my daughters coined the phrase. Here’s her original story.

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  1. 25 – then when I ‘gave up’ and saw the mystery artist, I realized I should have paid attention to the word search instead of just answering the questions.
    I need to brush up on my following instructions &/or knowledge of Warren G/Taylor Swift/Milli Vanilli!

  2. A lowly 24/30 for me. Sitting here listening to McCoy Tyner has me distracted from remembering the name of that Psy song and even that female group which under different circumstances would have been very easy. I’m comforted by the mighty Mr. Tyner’s piano.

    • Hah! The name of the Psy song just popped into my head as I was reading your comment. Man, it’d be great to hear Psy and McCoy Tyner jam. 🙂

    • Reminds me of study evenings with my friend who was studying French and refused to listen to anything with non-French lyrics. I think it was an excuse to listen to jazz.

  3. Well… don’t use your phone for that one. 29. Time ran out as I was scrolling to look at the word search to enter the final answer.

  4. 20 of 30 – took me a bit too to realize after a point to look at word search which helped but a number I had no idea. I like how you mix up the format of the quizzes though – keeps us on our toes!

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